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Golden Age
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1922 - 1959


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Movies From The Golden Age 1900-45

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Most of these movies were based on Bram Stoker's original character - the one, the only, never bettered, Prince of Darkness, aka Dracula, aka Nosferatu.

It's important to be fair to these movies; they didn't have access to the special effects we know and love, nor even colour. But what they did have - and plenty of it - was a strong story, something many of today's vampire movies think they can manage without.

They also did not have the money tyhat modern movie makers can rely on - knowing the power of television and DVD to bring income for many years after cinema release. The 'Spanish' Dracula was made at night, in order to use the same sets as the English language version!

So cut them a little slack, and compare them with their modern equivalents.

When they remade Nosferatu in 1979 as Nosferatu the Vampyr, I wondered why they bothered - but check them both out; they are both fine movies in their own way.

These movies vary from the very best, to those that would make a 'b' movie cringe ... but most have something to add to the vampyreverse.


4 star


Excellent ! Thoroughly recommended


3 star


Pretty Good - minor problems only


2 star


OK - but should have been much better


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Only if it's on Free-to-View!

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