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Devil Bat's Daughter


Devil Bat's Daughter


Vampire Movies 1900-1959


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The Movie

Nina (Rosemary La Planche), daughter of the infamous "Devil Bat" Dr. Carruthers, worries she's inherited her late father's murderous tendencies, in this horror-mystery film from PRC studios, a sequel to its 1940 Bela Lugosi vehicle, THE DEVIL BAT. Nina is convinced her late father was a vampire, and that his ghost is trying to possess her and make her drink the blood of the living (actually, all he did was just make a few devil bats and send them out to kill his enemies).

She winds up seeking shelter at the home of a shady psychiatrist (Michael Hale) who tries to cure her by giving her lots of sleeping pills. In the morning she wakes up with blood on her hands, and a dead body in the other room. Ted Masters (John James), Dr. Morris's stepson, is in love with her and won't believe she's a killer. Monica Mars co-stars as Dr. Morris's mistress, and Molly Lamont plays his trusting wife. Wisbar adds expressionistic angles and soft focus dream sequences to this fast-paced little mystery, and Rosemary La Planche is lovely in the lead.

Cast: Edward Cassidy, Molly Lamont, Nolan Leary, Rosemary La Planche


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