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Bring Me The Vampire


Bring Me The Vampire


Movies from the 1960s


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The Movie

Synopsis: "In a tale of who's right and who's wrong; of who's alive and who's dead, there can be only one solution found Money motivates ordinary people to do unordinary things. Travel with the potential beneficiaries as they try to discover who is the heir to the McDermott fortune ... "

  • Starring:
    Mary Eugenia Saint Martín,
    Charles Riquelme,
    Héctor Godoy,
    Raymond Bugarini,
    George Beiute,
    Hortense Santovena,
    Lulu Parga
  • Produced by: Mario Garcia Camberos
  • Directed by: Alfred B Crevenna


This Mexican-Venezuelan co-production from popular genre filmmaker Alfredo B. Crevenna is a standard "old dark house" chiller filmed in three installments, leavening its thrills with heavy doses of silly comedy. A motley group of people have to stay in the infamous Black Castle, to claim a large inheritance and are subject to the usual bodies disappearing, a roaming maniac, and a fake vampire.

Alfonso Iglesias, best known as Pompin, stars with genre stalwarts Maria Eugenia San Martin, Carlos Riquelme, and Fernando Soto (aka Mantequilla). As was the usual custom at the time, American exploitation specialist K. Gordon Murray picked it up and commissioned the 1964 English-language version directed by Manuel San Fernando.

From a review by Robert Firsching

This is not a horror movie, but rather a low-budget comedy made in Mexico and dubbed (badly) into English. The basic premise is that a group of randomly chosen people must spend the night in a house to claim an inheritance. The movie tries to be a Ten Little Indians affair, but is so badly translated, so poorly acted, and the transfer copy is so poor that it is impossible to tell what is happening frequently. Other than the hysterically terrible sneezing rumba song-and-dance number (which is left in Spanish, no less) there is nothing redeeming about this movie, and no one involved in bringing this movie to DVD should be encouraged by receiving your money.

From a review by Random McNasty


  • Audio: English
  • Black & White
  • Screen Format: Fullscreen (4:3)
  • Region: 0

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