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Blood Bath

a.k.a. Track of the Vampire


Blood Bath


Movies from the 1960s


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The Movie

A california artist, possibly a reincarnated vampire, takes to killing his models; some he dips in wax, others he mutilates and makes a painting of their bodies. One or two get drowned, paintd as if asleep. One shows fang marks.

Though our hero / villain / who knows / who cares? does a fair bit of running after beautiful women to pad out the film, and some interesting underwater stunts when trying to drown them, we only twice see the fangs, and zero evidence of any other vampire signs.

This is a bad film, and - contrary to some reviews - it is not a frightening film. It's a boring film. And that's saying a lot; it was cobbled together from all sorts of scraps by (at least) three directors, working for that shining light of quality movies, Roger Corman. You'd think such a mess would be impossible to predict? Wrong; you can see each 'suspense' moment coming for half a mile, and the ending is so predictable I could cry.

Wikipedia generously (and a little crawlingly) gives quite a detailed history, which is actually more fun than than the movie!

Directed by Jack Hill and Stephanie Rothman.

Starring: William Campbell, Linda Saunders, Merissa Mathes

Features: Sid Haig, Jonathan Haze, and Patrick Magee.


Usually availbale as "Track of the Vampire", twinned with other tat; currently "Nightmare Castle" (Don't go there!).

Special Features

The Hollywood Horror Collection 'Killer Creature Double Feature' gives you two bad movies for your money, plus a Betty Boop cartoon. Why? Search Me!

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