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Blood Suckers


Blood Suckers


Movies from the 1970s


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The Movie

While on vacation in Greece, a college professor falls under the spell of a lascivious female vampire who is the leader of a coven of perverted socialites. When his friends come to his rescue, they too become enmeshed in a web of unholy terror ...


... It may be unholy terror, it may be drug-crazed lust and murder, it may be some weird manifestation of aGreek mythology. And once we get back to Oxford University, you can add the possibility of psycho-sexual deviance, paranoia, intellectual snobbery or plain old-fashioned vampirism.

Frankly, who cares? each theory is so superficial and lame-brained, much like the characters, that it really is impossible to be even slightly concerned.

Based on Simon Raven's novel "Doctors Wear Scarlet", the story is so Byzantine that none of the characters really seems too concerned, either; Patrick Macnee does his best, Edward Woodward hams it up a treat - everyone else is sleepwalking.

DVD Special Features

Trailer, alternate orgy scene, filmographies.

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