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House of Dark Shadows


House of Dark Shadows


Movies from the 1970s


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The Movie

In this, the first of two Dark Shadows movies spawned from the tv series, vampire Barnabas Collins is unleashed from his almost 200 year imprisonment, and soon after all hell breaks loose as Barnabas begins a quest to claim his lost love from the 18th Century.


Its a great retelling of the original Barnabas storyline, but with a major plot twist at the end that no Dark Shadows fan should miss! The pace of the film is quick, and fans of the show will be excited to see the old characters reliving some classic moments. However, fans of the love/hate relationship story between Barnabas and Angelique may be disappointed, as Angelique is not in this movie. That goes for Quentin fans, though both Quentin and Angelique are in the second film, Night of Dark Shadows.

There were a couple of scenes dropped from the final cut, but not to fear, both House of Dark Shadows and Night of Dark Shadows are being fully restored, and will be released on DVD in a few years once they finish the process of restoring the films to their original cuts. Till then, enjoy House of Dark Shadows as it is now, and go get Night of Dark Shadows too. Don't forget the new DVD box sets of the TV series either! Dark Shadows lives on!

[written by David Waters, Montgomery, Alabama]


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