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Dracula vs Frankenstein


Dracula vs Frankenstein


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The Movie

"Judith Fontaine (Regina Carrol) is looking for her sister Joanie, who has apparently disappeared into the hippie community of Venice, California. As it turns out, Joanie has become the victim of Groton (Lon Chaney Jr.), an axe-wielding homicidal maniac. Dr. Durray (J. Carrol Naish), the last of the Frankensteins' bloodline, is now running a house of horrors by the beach and has been performing experiments on Groton's victims. One night, Count Dracula (Zandor Vorkov) visits the doctor, showing him the original Frankenstein creation that was buried in a nearby graveyard. With Dracula's help, the doctor painstakingly revives Frankenstein, and uses it to take revenge on his professional rivals."

The film also features Russ Tamblyn as a beach biker and a Vegas showgirl heroine on LSD. The Region 2 DVD is sadly bereft of the extras found on the US Troma Region 1 disc.


A rather sad little film, with both Naish and Chaney (in their final movie roles) seriously miscast. Naish was not credible as a modern Frankenstein, and Chaney looking too weak to hold an axe, let alone wield it. The basic plot; girl loses sister, girl goes looking, gets nasty shock, meets nice strong man and has adventures before finding sister. But the adventures along the way are slow and stagey, the small parts are played by small actors - the Hell's Angels, for example, were more like Hell's Chickens. The Good Guy was good, but not as strong as the script needed - but the script was not of the best anyway.

So we ended up with a weak and slow plot that meandered about, punctuated by statements of doom by Frankie Baby, and morose grumbling by The Count, who never really made his presence felt.

Someone somewhere thought that a DracFrank movie set on the beach in sixties hippyland was a bright idea; you live and learn ... it wasn't.


  • Starring: J. Carroll Naish, Lon Chaney Jr.,
  • Director: Al Adamson, J. Carrol Naish
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  • Format: Color, Closed-captioned, Dolby, Widescreen
  • Studio: Cheezy Flicks Entertainment
  • DVD Release Date: 1 July 2003

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