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"Buxom vamps and bloodthirsty beauties abound in this thriller showcasing the netherworld's most voluptuous vampire who's dead-set on sticking it to men! Carmilla barely shows her age; she has a great body, milky white skin and ... a thirst for blood. traveling the countryside searching for victims, she wastes no time in quenching that thirst with the best looking villagers she can find. Planning to seduce her way into eternity, she unleashes a murderous sexual massacre on a small town. but leave it to the local gentry to fight back ... as the men plot to drive a stake through the heart of this sexy, savage, killer"


A little slow, but an interesting story of female predatory vampires terrorizing a small community. Features beautiful women with semi-transparent night dresses - saucy now, positively racy for its time!

A refreshingly different persepective.

The plot is perhaps a little too predictable, and the weird conceit that a vampire cannot rest if you steal its shroud is, frankly, just too silly. And as for the occasional flashes to the comedy vampire giggling on a horse ... what was that all about?

Cushing and Cole wasted as lead men - who needs them, really?

This movie, and the two sequels, is based on Sheridan LeFanu's Carmilla.


Director: Roy Ward Baker
Starring: Ingrid Pitt, George Cole, Peter Cushing, Pippa Steele, Madeleine Smith, Dawn Adams, Kate O'Mara
DVD Release August 16, 2004

The Hammer "LeFanu" Series

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