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Blood For Dracula


Blood For Dracula


Movies from the 1970s


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Blood for Dracula was filmed in Italy, immediately after Warhol's Flesh for Frankenstein, both films directed by Paul Morrissey, on a very low budget.

Udo Kier (Count Dracula) requires the blood of virgins, and travels from Romania to Italy on the basis that virgins are more available in Catholic countries.

Though he and his servant soon find a decaying estate with four (count 'em) beautiful women, each seeking a wealthy husband, the plan soon disintegrates, mild sex being replaced by serious blood letting.

The film is an interesting take on the old legend, weakened by (apparently) the script being written as they went along, and a cast of pals, wives, mothers and local drunks. The pace is variable, hustled along by the 'virgins', all of whom can act, and do a good job of supporting the rest of the cast.

The finale is a little disappointing, but the plot had rather painted itself into a corner

The Criterion Collection DVD restores the film to its originalis a 'director's cut', and comes with a fascinating commentary by Morrissey, Kier, and film critic Maurice Yacowar. For all the Warhol name dropping over the years, his name is mentioned only once in the commentary, and it is clear that his only connection was a marketing one. So much for cult movies, huh?


  • Cast: Udo Kier (Count Dracula), Jose Dallesandro (Mario), Dominique Dariel (Sofia), Stefania Cassini (Rybena), Arno Juerging (Anton), Maxime McKendry (Marquise Di Fiori), Milena Vucotic (Esmeralda), Vittorio De Sica (Marquis Di Fiori)
  • Director/Screenplay - Paul Morissey
  • Producer - Andrew Braunsberg
  • Photography - Luigi Kevellier
  • Music - Claudio Gizzi
  • Special Effects - Carlo Rambaldi
  • Makeup - Mario Di Salvio
  • Production Design - Enrico Job
  • Art Direction - Gianni Giovagnoni
  • Production Company - Compagnia Cinematografica Champion/Jean Yanne-Jean Pierre Rassam.
  • DVD Release 15 December 1998
  • Running Time 103 Minutes, Widescreen

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