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Dragon Against Vampire


Dragon Against Vampire


Vampire Movies of the 1980s


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The Movie

A Hong Kong mixture of slapstick, graverobbing and martial arts, with no noticeable plot, and a fair bit of shouting.

Directed by Lionel Leung

Starring: Elton Chong, Carrie Lee, Martin Kim, Robin See, Eagle Han.


The dubbing is poor, not really explaining the story (assuming there is one there somewhere). I suspect this was intended to be a comedy, but any jokes are seriously lost in translation.

I didn't see any dragons, but I have a suspicion that Dragon may refer to one of the characters. I didn't see any vampire, either of the Western variety, or the label-on-forehead local variety, but I may have dozed here and there.

81 minutes feels like a life sentence. Avoid.


Color, NTSC
Region 1 (U.S. and Canada only)
Studio: Saturn
DVD Released: 17 July 2003
Running time: 81 minutes

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