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The Movie

This is another in the long line of "Mr. Vampire" Hong Kong horror-action-comedy films. One-eyebrow-priest and his two bumbling disciples are raising a baby vampire and struggling to discover the cause of poisoned river in their home town. Their investigation is complicated by the arrival of a group of nuns and the ghost of a dead prostitute - and a European vampire

Directed by Ching-Ying Lam

Ching-Ying Lam as One-Eyebrow Priest
Fong Liu as Fong
Sandra Ng Kwan Yue as General's Cousin
Jing Chen as Pimp
Regina Kent as Nun
Siu-hou Chin as Hoh
Billy Lau as General
Joanna Chan as Nun
Maria Cordero as Mother Superior


Another piece of slapstick hocum, much like the other Far Eastern Vampire Yarns; quite fast paced, the usual knockabout stuff slapping labels on zombies to stop them.

The movie is remarkable in two ways, however; First, it features and respects both western and eastern religions; they've taken care with the nuns to avoid offense, and show no problem with different approaches co-existing; such a movie would never be made now in Anti-Christian China.

Second, the movie featues - and respects - both Eastern and Western vampire traditions; granted the Eurovamp is a little over the top, and there's waaay too many bats for my liking, but the meeting of undeads is nicely done.

The special effects are quite good too; except for one priest's eyebrow. The underwater bats are a treat (don't ask), and the reviving of the Eurovampaire after his first bite is seriously well done.

DVD Features

English subtitles.
Double sided pack insert (wow!)


How To Buy This DVD


How To Buy This DVD

So far as I'm aware, this DVD is not available 'new' - I buy rarities from ebay

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