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Vampire Movies of the 1990s

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After a fairly restrained 1980s, the nineties saw a vampire revivial with a vengeance, and rich variety.

There were several attempts to make the 'definitive' vampire movie, none with any great success, there were endless 'teen' movies, with loads of blood and mild flesh.

There were also several interesting European looks at the genre, often looking for the mood of the old movies, and doing without the increasing pace demanded by young, post Star Wars cinema audiences.

Two things really marked out the decade:

One is the independent, really small budget movies - there really were some classics.

The other is the entry of Big Names - it doesn't matter to me who makes a vampire movie - but it does matter to "The Meeja" and it matters to the next generation of cinema-goers. John Carpenter is a serious film-maker, and Stephen King a writer to be reckoned with; we also saw Anne Rice's work brought to the screen by no less than Tom Cruise, though the presence of both Brad Pitt and Kirsten Dunst meant more to some folk!

This was the first time that respectability hit the vampire world - and there was a price to be paid ... but that's a problem for another decade!


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