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Rockabilly Vampire

aka Burnin' Love


Rockabilly Vampire


Vampire Movies of the 1990s


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The Movie

Troma produced this movie; "Rockabilly Vampire is a scary, sexy romp with rock-n-roll soul. Luscious Iris M. Daugherty (Margaret Lancaster) is a 50's obsessed investigative author out to prove that Elvis Presley is still alive. While conducting research, she runs across a dead ringer for the King (Paul Stevenson) who'd like to make her his Queen of the Damned. Seems the pompadoured hunk was bitten by his vampire brother(Stephen Blackehart), on the way to the Elvis look-a-like contest back in 1956. Four decades later, he's loose in Manhattan. Will Iris succumb to this surly, swingin' Nosferatu?

Stephen Blackehart as Wrecks Vincent
Paul Stevenson as Eddie Vincent
Margaret Lancaster as Iris Dougherty
Valentine Miele as Greasy
Dennis Davies as Benny Lawalski
Wendy Walker as Emma Cross
Jeremy Klavens as Beatle Boy
Philip Carroll as Mr. Lawalski
James Breen as T-Bone
David van Leesten as Juju the Voodoo Guru
Alex Tufel as Lowlife
Jerry Meko as Mamma Jerry
Eliot Gartley as Wino #1
James Gordon as Wino #2
Steven Jampolski as Detective Crapoe


This is a sweet little movie; sad girl meets sad vampire, and have sad love affair. All the usual troma stuff; bad acting, awful acting and really sad acting, with a lame script, abysmal special effects and rotten editing. This one does have a happy ending, of sorts.

How hard you try, you really cannot make the argument, "it's so bad it's good", because it really isn't. It's just a sad little movie, that breaks Troma's only rule - "Don't Be Boring". Yes, kids, it's a bore fest.

In their deseration, they make much of it's soundtrack - but even amateur 50s bands cannot save this movie, especially when they just played a compilation album onto the soundtrack, oblivious to whether it addeded to the plot (what plot?).

Sorry, this isn't a cult movie. One to watch once and move on.


Includes shouted introduction and a short movie called Blonde Fury, which claimed to be a 'chick flick'. It looked like a lame rip off of Thelma and Louise. but I only watched five minutes. More than enough.

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