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The Movie

The movie tries to tell the tale of a woman 'accidently' turned into a vampire during a rather feeble sex game; as this new arrival upsets the balance of the 'club', one is sent to destroy her.

  • Cast:
    John Savage as Zero
    Starr Andreeff as Corri
    Mariam Parris as Alko
    Michael J. Anderson as Kiddo
    Diana Frank as Laura
    Ross Malinger as Max
    Viktoria Chapman as Melanie
    Sarah Shackleton as Punk Girl
    Tony Ervolina as Suave Man
    Jordan Black as Gang Member #1
    Gil Espinoza as Gang Member #2
    Donald Sager as Man
    Anna K. McKown as Ragamuffin Girl
  • Director Andy Ruben
  • Production Year: 1997
  • Certification: Adult rating
  • Run Time: 87 minutes (VHS and TV vary 75-87 min)


Like most reviewers, I had great difficulty wondering what on earth was going on; unlike one twit of a critic, I do not believe for one instant that this was intended as a comedy; far from it. The degree of amateur-hour overacting confirms that the whole cast were set on winning Academy Awards.

The basic plot included some great ideas; the pain and confusion during vampirification; the anger and resentment at the new 'lifestyle' - but all this lot could manage was anger (shouting) fear (whimpering) and pain (screaming). So opportunities were lost.

The direction was appalling, though marginally better than the editing. Games with light were another possibility. But not in this movie. Casting was verging on the insane, with the lead vampire improbably portrayed by a Lolita-esque actor, while Our Hero was suitably undermined by an octogenarian escapee from Camp Alztheimer.

Some bad movies are so bad that they're good; Don't even think about it - this one is just plain bad. Period.


  • Released: 2003
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