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Vampire Call Girls


Vampire Call Girls


Vampire Movies of the 1990s


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The Movie

This low budget softcore trash has very little plot and nothing but big breasted girls showing off their left and right skills. The plot, if you call it that follows one man as he tells the story of how on a business trip he encounters vampire call girls that are out to make a meal out of him.

Everette Hartsoe as Bill
Glori-Anne Gilbert as Heather
Lilith Stabs as Roxy
Roxanne Michaels as Candy
Lisa Ann DeVaul as Misty
Louis Consolo as Victim
Harold Keller as Victim
Robert Arth as Victim
Paul Roup as Bartender
Robert Alcott as Bill's Friend
Will E. Licker as Bill's Friend
Chuck Wagon as Bill's Friend
Ronald Westley as Bill's Friend
Bill Fedel as The Band
Ronnie Brown as The Band


You need to be thirteen to enjoy this; an age (as I recall) when you could fantasize wiithout rational thought getting in the way; for this to be exciting, reality does not need suspending - it needs levitation.

Save your money.

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