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Addicted to Murder 3:


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Addicted To Murder 3


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The Movie

We all know that vampires feed on humans. But what feeds on vampires?

It's five years after the events of the previous movie, and a transformed Joel Winter has all but exterminated the vampire denizens of New York City. Those that remain are fearful and are in hiding for something worse than death awaits them. Something demonic. Not even the fortified walls of a prison can provide a safe haven from his wrath … It's time to feed the fear…

  • Directed by Tom Vollmann and Kevin Lindenmuth
  • Writing credits: Tom Vollmann and Kevin Lindenmuth
  • Produced by Kevin J. Lindenmuth
  • Cast (in credits order)
    Sasha Graham as Angie
    Mick McCleery as Joel Winter
    Sarah K. Lippmann as Tricia

    Cloud Michaels as Karen
    Laura McLauchlin as Rachel

  • Original Music by Alucarda

  • Cinematography by Kevin J. Lindenmuth

  • Edited by Kevin J. Lindenmuth

  • Second Unit Directors: Gabriel Campisi, Tim Ritter


This is truly pathetic. The story is tenuously linked to the prequels, and involves a cliche-ridden saga of prison life for lifers, vampires and naughty guards. Yawn. The vampire has a whole mouthful of fangs; and only goes out at night (all three films told us, ad nauseam, that that rule didn't matter). And he has shiney green eyes, that almost appear over his own.

The linking stuff extends the mythology to demons, using voiceover, interview and mockumentary style to find a neat way to kill off the the only cast who could act. Silly move. Especially when the agent of death is the kind of 'predator' ripoff that a 10 year might bodge together in art class.

The special effects are truly embarassing.

All in all, this movie is a true bomb. And ended the line.

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