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Mom's Got A Date With A Vampire


Mom's Got A Date With A Vampire


Vampire Movies of the Noughties


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The Movie

Two kids conspire to get Mom on a date - to allow them to go out behind her back. But the third and youngest kid realises the suitor is a vampire. First, he has to convince the others. Then they have to save Mom, aided only by an eccentric van Helsing and their Family Love.

Directed by Steve Boyum
Story by Lindsay Naythons
Screenplay by Robert Keats

Matthew O'Leary as Adam Hansen
Laura Vandervoort as Chelsea Hansen
Myles Jeffrey as Taylor Hansen
Caroline Rhea as Lynette Hansen
Charles Shaughnessy as Dimitri Denatos
Robert Carradine as Malachi Van Helsing
Karl Pruner as Count Krelski
Robyn Palmer as Fair Maiden
Cameron Graham as Victor
Jake Epstein as Duffy
J. Adam Brown as Boomer
John Dewey as Duffy's Brother
Kim Roberts as Miss Cruson
Patrick Gallagher as Bone
Shane Daly as Jim


A low budget, pre-teen Disney TV movie; a weak plot, weaker cast, and nothing new to say, except the 'spoon test' - an infallible way of diagnosing vampirism.

This movie is very slow, predictable and unexciting; being Disney fayre, we don't even get to stake the Bad Guy, though Buffy had shown tasteful dustings for three seasons when this came out.

The cast really is pretty dire, Disney selecting on the basis of who would be able to spin the 'family values' tosh without visible nausea.

This movie constantly reminded me of of the much funnier, much better acted and slicker Dracula - The Series, which preceded this lame effort by ten years.

And if the kids want a good vampire movie with heart but no smarm overdose, go for The Little Vampire.


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