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The Breed


The Breed


Vampire Movies of the Noughties


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DVD Details

  • Director: Michael Oblowitz
  • Cast: Adrian Paul, Bokeem Woodbine
  • Format: Color, Closed-captioned, Widescreen, Dolby
  • Rated: Not for sale to persons under age 18.
  • Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
  • DVD Release Date: November 20, 2001
  • Commentary by director and cast
  • Theatrical trailer(s)
  • Full-screen and widescreen anamorphic formats

The Movie

The premise of the movie is that the 4000 vampires decide to 'come out' and the government is happy to go along. until a renegade vampire starts random killings. An FBI agent teams up with a VP (vampire policeman) to catch the killer, and turn up a real can of worms ...


The film takes inspiration from Bladerunner, Brazil and 1984 ... plus a few score other sources. In fact, the design is so rich that it becomes a distrction from the worryingly overcrowded plot. Layer upon layer of intrigue and inuendo, until the violent climax is reached, and I defy anyone to say what's going on!

For all these excesses, I enjoyed this movie; it came with good ideas and a new perspective. It's full potential was never realised due to weak screenwriting and uneven pace. But the mood was great, and the acting (when not a little OTT), was just right.

Recommended for all serious vampirists - alas, nothing to learn from the unimaginative weaponry.

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