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Demon Under Glass


Demon Under Glass


Vampire Movies of the Noughties


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The Movie

Someone in Los Angeles is killing young women, draining their blood, and leaving no evidence. Dubbed "Vlad" by the LAPD, the killer is finally caught when a trap is set utilizing a female vice officer.

Soon they realize that Vlad is no ordinary serial killer--he's a centuries-old vampire. In an effort to better understanding what they are dealing with, the authorities take him to a medical research facility where he is subjected to test to better understand their ancient captive.

But when the tests begin, it becomes apparent that the doctors are just as cruel as Vlad...and they may not live to complete their research.

  • Directed by: Jon Cunningham
  • Produced by: D. L. Warner, Marguerite Lliteras
  • Written by: Jon Cunningham, D. L. Warner
  • Starrring:
    Jason Carter as Simon Molinar
    Garett Maggart as Dr. Joseph McKay
  • Running time: 111 minutes


There's doubt that this movie has come up with an original idea; Vampire as willing lab rat? Who could ask for more?

Well, me. A good idea does not make a good film - and despite all the usual critics raving about this one, it really is pretty feeble. It'll be 'cult movie' by Christmas, mark my words. And why not ... here's why not ...

Instead of studying the vampire, the movie really studies the researchers; and they are a pretty feeble, flawed bunch. From the religious fanatic, to the doctor who believed in his duty to the patient ... until he heard about the 'patient as murderer', these people are caricatures, with no real depth, and no reason given for their predjudices.

The writer seemed to be saying 'with these evil idots, can the Vampire be so bad?' - of course. Judge him on what he did; the fact that he isn't the only evil sob is neither here nor there.

Since when did a vampire need to 'break every bone in the body'? What's that all about? And since when did undercover police have dreams about the folk they arrested? Who knows; no-one bothers to explain.

A very good idea; a very average movie.

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