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The Movie

Fairly low budget TV movie, based on the Florida murder of a middle-aged couple by a Kentucky-based 'vampire clan'.

Made in a drama-documentary style, the movie focusses on the couple's younger daughter, whose infatuation with the charismatic gang leader (and self proclaimed vampire) led unwittingly to her parents death. The film emphasis the hooro of the police, and the general listlessness of the gang; it's never quite clear whether drink, drugs, personality or mental illness are involved, leaving us with the uneasy feeling that it 'just happened'.

If it were not for the 'vampire' claims, and the age of the gang (about 16), this crime would never have hit national headlines - or been glorified by this move.

A sad celebration of sad kids led by a charismatic evil one.

  • Release Date: July 13, 2002
  • Rating: R
  • Running Time: 87 minutes
  • Director - John Webb
  • Executive Producer - John Langley, Maggie Langley
  • Writer - Aaron Pope
  • Cast
    Drew Fuller as Roderick 'Rod' Justin Ferrell
    Alex Breckenridge as Charity Lynn Kessee
    Timothy Lee DePriest as Howard Scott Anderson
    Marina Black as Dana Lynn Cooper
    Kelly Kruger as Heather Ann Wendorf
    Mimi Craven as Ruth Wendorf
    Stacy Hogue as Jeni Wendorf

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