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The Movie

Marc Warren stars as Count Dracula in a "stylish, sexy and erotic re-working of Bram Stoker's classic chiller." Lord Holmwood (Dan Stevens) is due to marry his sweetheart, Lucy (Sophia Myles), but hides a terrible secret - he has syphilis, so cannot consummate the marriage without infecting his bride.

Desperate to find a cure for his syphilis, Lord Holmwood (Dan Stevens) seeks out an occult priest, Singleton (Donald Sumpter), who tells him of Count Dracula (Marc Warren) – a legendary being with extraordinary powers who lives in Transylvania.

Holmwood arranges for the Count to buy property in London and set up a base in the capital. Leaving his fiancée, Mina (Stephanie Leonidas), behind, solicitor Harker (Rafe Spall) is sent to finalise the property deals with Dracula in Transylvania, but never returns.

Meanwhile, Holmwood chooses to honeymoon at his ancestral home in Whitby, but still refuses to bed his increasingly frustrated wife Lucy (Sophia Myles). But Dracula uses his power to change his ship's course to Whitby, setting off a chain of horrific events. Ultimately Holmwood realises what a terrible evil he's unleashed, and has to call on the vampire scholar, Abraham Van Helsing (David Suchet), and the help of his friend, Seward (Tom Burke), to help him rid the world of his nemesis.


An insult to the orginal story

"I was really looking forward to this tv adaptation. I have been a fan of this novel since I was a small child, but it was a big disappointment. I cannot understand why they changed the story in such a way, ie, Lord Holmwood has a nasty STD and asks Dracula over for a cup of tea to sort him out. Dracula turns nasty." - Bezerus Bezby "Bez"

Ghostly? Ghastly!!

"Having discussed it with others who also watched this BBC production of Dracula, I have concluded a unanimous opinion which I myself agree with - it was unbelievably dire! I'm not a Bram Stoker purist, but I recently read the Dracula novel and I believe that if the BBC adaptation had actually attempted to follow the original narrative, a much better programme would have been made instead of this utter sewage! All of the characters were weak and severely lacking substance, including Dracula himself, Van Helsing, and most disappointingly, Mina Murray! I was expecting something that would rival the inspired Francis Ford Coppola adaptation, but this one failed miserably! It completely failed to capture the excitement and depth of the original story" - JJ

Not your typical Dracula

"As a fan of Bram Stoker's character in all of its representations, I did not hold up much hope for this film, particularly when it was promoted by the BBC as being a highly "sexed up" representation of the classic tale. Much to my surprise, it has become one of my favorite adaptations -- not because it holds true to the novel in any way (it doesn't) but because it has a unique and highly dramatic approach.

Dracula comes to England at the bidding of a blood cult, as Arthur Holmwood believes that the count can give him a transfusion to correct his inherited syphilis. But Dracula does not want to follow the plans of his minions and instead chooses to seduce and murder Arthur's wife Lucy, whose eye begins to stray as her marriage remains unconsummated. Drawn into it are her best friends Mina Murray and Dr. Seward, who eventually recruit Van Helsing, held captive by the society in London, to vanquish Dracula.

There's quite a lot of blood, but it's nowhere near as garish as Coppola's version, and Marc Warren is a magnificent villain that you never once feel empathy for. The true gems of the production are Sophia Myles, once again playing a vampire vixen (her first attempt was in "Underworld") and Warren. The other actors pale by comparison, and true fans of the book will scream over the multiple changes, but for me it was worth purchasing so much that I bought it overseas, months before it was to be available in the United States." - Charity Bishop


DVD includes deleted scenes.

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