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Vampire Movies of the Twenty-Teens


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As we move towards the Teen Years of the century, we're riding the soft romantic blur that is typified by the Twilight Series, and on TV by the Vampire Diaries. These are 'Made for Teen' productions, that invariably portray vampires as heroes - or occasionally victims - but never as evil or even villainous. But there are other movies, that emphasise a plausible story, and a different side of vampires. They ignore all the historical detail, in order to be able to use Hollywood lights, and Hollywood money.

But while it worked for a couple of franchuises, it didn't last forever, and the tame, manicured Vampire is being nudged aside by Zombies. Justice of a kind.



4 star


Excellent ! Thoroughly recommended


3 star


Pretty Good - minor problems only


2 star


OK - but should have been much better


1 star


Only if it's on Free-to-View!

no stars!no stars!bomb For TV addicts and obsessives
Vampire Award: The Worst Movie of the Year  Vampire Award: The Worst Movie of the Year

Bram Stoker's Dracula

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