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The Movie

London gangsters get more than they bargained for when a group of businessmen make an offer to buy their club, the Inferno. They turn out to be Vampires, wanting their land back and turn on the gangsters when their demands are not met.

Jason Flemyng as Chelsea Steve
Danny Dyer as Roger Kipling
Dexter Fletcher as Eddie Christian
Janet Montgomery as Giselle
Craig Fairbrass as Freddy 'Dead Cert' Frankham
Lisa McAllister as Jen Christian
Steven Berkoff as Kenneth Mason
Perry Benson as Magoo
Andrew Tiernan as Chekha
Dave Legeno as Yuvesky
Billy Murray as Dante Livenko
Lucinda Rhodes-Flaherty as Katy
Ian Virgo as Terry Richards
Joe Egan as Griffiths
Roland Manookian as Chinnery


"It's a cross between lock stock and from dusk till dawn but its not that great. Its a ok movie but is let down by some bad acting and poor set pieces. The sfx is good but not great and there is no exploding vampires when they get steaked. I don't think the budget could reach that far. The main saving grace it that its all tongue in cheek, but that get a bit tiresome by the end". - Brian De Guelle, Rotten Tomatoes

"I saw this film getting its premier at the Frightfest film festival in Central London and I'm amazed that I stayed till the end without walking out. It's really that poor. The premise seemed interesting and I liked the idea of a vampire film based in London. It started off OK but rapidly tailed off by the middle, and the last half hour it just seemed that nothing happened but people wriggling around on a dancefloor in a nightclub as the vampires took over. No tension, no gore, NO HORROR. And also no naked flesh which is somewhat surprising seeing that most of the film is set in a strip club. And maybe I've watched Blade too many times but I expect my vampires to melt / dissolve / explode when they're soaked in holy water or staked through the heart, not just fall over and die. I feel guilty this being critical as I really want to support UK films wherever possible, but this really needed a more cohesive storyline, a vastly better script and sharper editing. Sorry." - J. Crane, Amazon


DVD Release Date: 27 Sep 2010
Run Time: 92 minutes

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