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The first season of Angel immediately established a darker, more adult tone than Buffy - still some humor, but much less slapstick and much more introspection and understatement.

There was a little mid-season hiatus with the introduction of Wesley in place of Doyle; but once the new relationships were settled, the series grew in power and confidence to a great Faith-centered high.

The separation from Buffy was handled very well; characters crossed to give support, but never looked contrived, and adapted well to the new mood.


City Of ...

Tuesday 05 October 1999

Newly arrived in Los Angeles, Angel is befriended by a half-demon named Doyle, whose visions lead him to a powerful vampire whose next victim just may be Cordelia Chase.


Lonely Hearts

Tuesday 12 October 1999

Another of Doyle's visions leads the newly formed Angel investigations to a trendy bar wherevthey face off against a worm-like demon who eviscerates its victims.


In The Dark

Tuesday 19 October 1999

Oz arrives in L.A. with a ring from Buffy which must be kept from Spike at all costs - and which would allow Angel to walk in the light of day.


I Fall to Pieces

Tuesday 26 October 1999

Angel aids a woman being stalked by a deranged surgeon who has the unnatural ability to track the woman's every move with the aid of his detachable body parts.


Room With A View

Tuesday 02 November 1999

While Doyle deals with a demon who has come to collect on his loans, Cordelia and a ghost battle it out over who has the right to live in a georgious rent-controlled apartment.


Sense and Sensitivity

Tuesday 09 November 1999

A sensitivity seminar for Kate's police squad backfires with near disastrous results when Angel tries to discover who has taken a contract out on Kate's life.


The Bachelor Party

Tuesday 16 November 1999

Doyle nearly loses his mind when he and Angel are invited to attend a bachelor party given by his ex-wife's new fiance, an Ano-Movic demon.


I Will Remember You

Tuesday 23 November 1999

When exposure to demon blood causes Angel to become mortal, he must decide whether or not to renew his relationship with Buffy.



Tuesday 30 November 1999

Doyle gets a chance to atone for his past when Angel agrees to help a group of mixed-heritage demons being hunted by violent pure blood demons known as The Scourge.


Parting Gifts

Tuesday 14 December 1999

As Cordelia struggles with the unwanted gift Doyle passed on to her, a leather-clad Wesley Wyndham-Pryce roars into town claiming to be a rogue demon hunter.



Tuesday 18 January 2000

Kate discovers Angel's secret after he comes to her assistance when a vampire from his past shows up in town and begins a killing spree.



Tuesday 25 January 2000

After a night out on the town with her new boyfriend, Cordelia wakes up eight-and-a-half-months pregnant, with something decidedly inhuman growing inside her.



Tuesday 08 February 2000

Angel, Cordelia and Wesley are caught in the middle of a war of the sexes when a female demon from another dimension rises up against her male opressors.


I've Got You Under My Skin

Tuesday 15 February 2000

An exorcism Angel and wesley perform on a young boy possessed by a demon takes an unexpected turn when they discover just how much the demon wanted out.


The Prodigal

Tuesday 22 February 2000

An attack by a normally peaceful demon on a subway train leads Angel to a disturbing connection between Kate Lockley's father and an illegal drug warehouse.


The Ring

Tuesday 29 February 2000

An investigation leads Angel to an underground gladiator-like arena where he is captured, then forced to fight to the death with other demons in order to win his freedom.



Tuesday 04 April 2000

A young actress seeking protection from a stalker takes a sudden personal interest in Angel after she discovers he's a vampire.


Five By Five

Tuesday 25 April 2000

Wolfram & Hart approach Faith with the promise to get all the murder charges she faces back in Sunnydale dropped in exchange for one small favor - killing Angel.



Tuesday 02 May 2000

Convinced Faith is capable of changing her ways, Angel tries to help her even as Kate, the Watchers Council and Buffy continue to hunt her down.


War Zone

Tuesday 09 May 2000

While working a blackmail case, Angel encounters Charles Gunn, the leader of a gang of street kids battling against a nest of vampires who've settled in their neighborhood.


Blind Date

Tuesday 16 May 2000

Lindsey Macdonald, a young lawyer at Wolfram & Hart, teams up with angel to stop the killing of three blind children who are said to be a threat to the firm.


To Shanshu in L.A.

Tuesday 23 May 2000

Angel turns to Gunn for help when Cordelia and Wesley are attacked by a demon - although that is just the first creature Wolfram & Hart plans to send against Angel.

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