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In its second season, Angel tooks risks with breaking up the group, following quarrels about Darla, and got away with it, finishing the season on a high (and a weird!). The individual characters established their roles and relationships, though Cordelia is still given the extremes of flakiness, shallowness, loyalty and commitment - a lot to put on one character!

The Darla thread dominated the season, but after a slow beginning, the clash of egos worked very well, with Drusilla injecting charm and black humor in equal measure. Drusilla has been a great additon to the series, as she was to Buffy - kudos to Whedon for her invesntion, and Juliet Landau for making her real.

The season's disappointment was the waste of Kate; she showed such promise in season 1, but this was largely allowed to wither on the vine. Once it was decided to exclude a romantic connection, her police skills and contacts should have been allowed to overshadow the emotional side, though she did provide Angel's epiphany. Good for her ...



Tuesday 26 September 2000

Angel enlists the help of a flashy karaoke bar owner named The Host as he tries to hunt down a pregnant woman after mistakenly killing her guardian.


Are You Now or Have You Ever Been

Tuesday 03 October 2000

Angel has his eye on an old hotel where he'd like to set up the new offices of Angel Investigations, but first there's a bit of old history to resolve and a demon to kick out.


First Impressions

Tuesday 10 October 2000

While Cordelia experiences a vision involving Gunn fighting for his life, Angel experiences erotic dreams involving darla.



Tuesday 17 October 2000

Cordelia's vision of a girl in danger uncovers an even greater danger after Angel discovers her telekinetic powers have attracted the attention of Wolfram & Hart.


Dear Boy

Tuesday 24 October 2000

After weeks of restless nights which have left him irritable and haggard-looking, a shocked angel discovers why his dreams about Darla feel so real.


Guise Will Be Guise

Tuesday 07 November 2000

While Angel attempts to deal with his obsession with darla, Wesley attempts to impersonate angel when a thug shows up at the hotel and puts a gun to Cordelia's head.



Tuesday 14 November 2000

As Darla struggles with her newfound soul, Lindsey struggles with his growing attraction to her and is consequently taken off "the project" by Holland Manners.


The Shroud of Rahmon

Tuesday 21 November 2000

Angel and Gunn infiltrate a gang of thieves intent on stealing the Shroud of Rahmon, unaware of its supernatural influence over anyone who gets close to it.


The Trial

Tuesday 28 November 2000

Dying from the same illness which infected her human body four hundred years earlier, Darla begs to be turned back into a vampire even as Angel risks his own life with a different solution.



Tuesday 19 December 2000

Wolfram & Hart get more thanthey bargained for after they bring Drusilla to Los Angeles to save darla, and an outraged Angel fires Gunn, Wesley and Cordelia.



Tuesday 16 January 2001

As Cordelai, wesley and Gunn take the stage in hopes The Host can tell them what to do with their lives, Angel prepares for his final confrontation with Darla and Drusilla.


Blood Money

Tuesday 23 January 2001

While Angel befriends a young woman whose charity is supported by Wolfram & Hart, Cordelia, Wesley and Gunn decide to try running Angel Investigations on their own.


Happy Anniversary

Tuesday 06 February 2001

The Host contacts Angel after a song sung in his club by a grad student the evening before revealed that time would be stopping for everyone at 10pm the following night.


The Thin Dead Line

Tuesday 13 February 2001

When Angel Investigations looks into reports that police officers are attacking kids, Gunn's plan to capture the beatings on tape backfires in the worst possible way.



Tuesday 20 February 2001

As the lawyers at Wolfram & Hart sweat over their upcoming 75-year review, Angel attempts to visit the form's home office to confront the senior partners.



Tuesday 27 February 2001

When Angel decides he wants to reconcile with Cordelia, Wesley and Gunn, he discovers they're not as eager as he to renew their old ties.



Tuesday 17 April 2001

Cordelai is thrilled when Harmony, and old friend from Sunnydale, shows up in L.A. - but that's before she learns about the change her old friend has undergone.


Dead End

Tuesday 24 April 2001

Angel and Lindsey form an unlikely alliance as they search for the medical lab which provided Lindsey with a new hand that seems to have a mind of its own.



Tuesday 01 May 2001

When portals to another world start opening, The Host finds himself face-to-face with his long-lost cousin, and Cordelia finds herself in a strange new world.


Over the Rainbow

Tuesday 08 May 2001

The Host reluctantly agrees to take everyone through the portal to his home world of Pylea to rescue Cordelia - who's not really in any hurry to go home.


Through the Looking Glass

Tuesday 15 May 2001

While Cordelia meets the Groosalugg she's supposed to mate with, Angel and The Host go in search of a book that will open a portal home and end up rescuing a girl named Dred.


There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb

Tuesday 22 May 2001

As Gunn and Wesley join the Pylean rebels storming the castle, Cordelai tries to prevent the groosalugg from fighting a demon she saw in a vision.

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