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1990 - 91

It's a series that's got life... eternal life!


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Alexander Lucard, (Geordie Johnson) is a business man with an international empire, based in Luxembourg. We know him better as Count Dracula. An interesting idea to explore; wouldn't a highly intelligent six hundred year old man amass a few dollars over the years?

His nemesis is Professor Gustav Helsing (Bernard Behrens), an eccentric vampire hunter and descendant of the original Van Helsing. He'd be very much at home with today's conspiracy theorists!

Helsing is assisted by his two young nephews from Philadelphia, 10-year-old Max (Jacob Tierney) and teenage Chris (Joe Roncetti). Gustav's ward, Sophie Metternich (Mia Kirshner) is an essenrial team member.

The boys were placed in Gustav's care by their mother, Eileen Townsend (Lynn Cormack), an international bank executive with a roaming brief.

Lucard's sidekick is Klaus Helsing (Geraint Wyn Davies), the son of Gustav Helsing, the vampire hunter. Lucard turned Klaus into a vampire 13 years earlier and has taunted Gustav ever since. Klaus is a little deranged, with a constant cackling laugh. A very hammy performance, but there is depth to the character, too.

Over 21 episodes, these characters grew nicely, with consistent (mostly) scripts, intelligently written and creating a unique vampire setup with a constant battle of good versus evil. Plenty of plot twists, and a fair bit of character development over the period.

Lucard gets all the best one-liners, but there's plenty of humour - and for a half-hour episode, plenty of plot.

The main weakness (for me) was the excursions into teen love; quite undersatnadable, but distinctly cheesy, especially Max's interventions - compare how Buffy dealt with growing up; though, granted, that was probably aimed at a slightly older audience.

All in all, the production team - Larry Lalonde, Phil Bedard, Glen Davis and William Laurin - did a great job, with a fine ensemble of actors. A fun series, and shame it was cut off so short.

The cast

Geordie Johnson as Alexander Lucard
Jacob Tierney as Max Townsend
Joe Roncetti as Christopher Townsend
Mia Kirshner as Sophie Metternich
Bernard Behrens as Gustav Helsing
Lynne Cormack as Eileen Townsend
Geraint Wyn Davies as Klaus Helsing

The Episodes


Children of the Night Saturday 29 September 90

When Eileen Townsend gets transfered to Europe, she takes her sons (teen-age Chris and 10-year-old Max) to stay with her uncle, Gustav Helsing - descendant of the famous vampire hunter


Double Cross Saturday 6 October 90

Gustav's old friend and former girlfriend, come to stay - is there still rivalry, or is there worse going on?


The Vampire Solution Saturday 13 October 90

Gustav and a former students find a rare herb and develop a formula which may reverse the effects of a vampire's bite.


The Boffin Saturday 20 October 90

Max finds a bungling scientist who is convinced that a new laser gun he's developed can destroy vampires.


Double Darkness Saturday 27 October 90

An archeologist uncovers the resting place of Lucard's ancient and bitter rival, Nosferatu.


Black Sheep Saturday 3 November 90
An aggrieved husband asks Gustav to kill the vampire who has taken his wife ... but Gustav cannot help ...


What A Pleasant Surprise! Saturday 10 November 90

Gustav becomes curious when Lucard buys a worthless old movie theatre.


Damsel in Distress Saturday 17 November 90

Eileen is doing business with Lucard; in fact, she's going to have dinner with him at the castle. Possibly a mistake ...


Mind Over Matter Saturday 24 November 90

Gustav is invited on a TV talk show to debunk a psychic. He fails.


A Little Nightmare Music Saturday 1 December 90

Max thinks he's discovered the resting place of Dracula. Does this mean he can destroy him?


Get a Job Saturday 8 December 90

Chris gets a job at an art house run by a gorgeous art dealer. Whose client is Lucard ...


The Great Tickler Saturday 15 December 90

Lucard invites Mycroft Tickler, a really bad lounge performer with delusions of grandeur, to give a recital at his castle.


Bad Blood Saturday 19 January 91

Lucard bites a young thief with a rare antigen in his blood ... and gets a nasty case of food poisoning.


Sophie, Queen of the Night Saturday 26 January 91

Following her romance with Vincent, Sophie is turned into a vampire, and is seeks an apprenticeship with Lucard.


My Girlfriend's Back and
There's Gonna Be Trouble
Saturday 2 February 91

Having been rescued by Chris, Sophie is about to fall for him, but his old girlfriend Alexa turns up from Philadelphia.


My Fair Vampire Saturday 9 February 91

Gustav's best friend claims that people at his old age home are being killed by a vampire.


The Decline of the
Romanian Vampire
Saturday 16 February 91

Max inadvertently frees Klaus from the Helsing family crypt.


I Love Lucard Saturday 23 February 91

An old love from Lucard's past comes back into his life.


Bats in the Attic Saturday 27 April 91

Max meets a rather Norman Bates-ish neurotic bookseller who has a peculiar interest in vampires.


My Dinner With Lucard Saturday 4 May 91

Gustav and the kids go for dinner with Lucard. A clips episode.


Klaus Encounters of the
Interred Kind
Saturday 11 May 91

Gustav discovers a way to reclaim Klaus. Cliffhanger ...


The series comes as two cds - one with 10, one with 11 episodes. they are available separately or a s box set.

No extras; no chapters, no time elapsed, nothing. Shame!

How To Buy This DVD

Volume 1 and volume 2 are easily found on ebay - separately, and as a box-set - NTSC, region 1 only. So far as I know there has been no European release.

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