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First Transmission

Rules Are Rules


Director: Carl Goldstein

Saturday 15 September 2001


Writers: Mark Shekter

As the first day back at Mansbridge Academy, the day students try to go about life while the night students, the vampires, attempt to adjust to their new surroundings. Meanwhile, Drew, a vampire night student at Mansbridge Academy, develops a psychic connection to human day student, Sherry Woods.

There's A New Vamp in Town


Director: Adam Weissman

Saturday 22 September 2001


Writers: Craig Volk

New vampire Marty joins the group and it doesn't take long before he's breaking the rules. Luring fellow vamps to a nightclub, Marty picks up a female human who he ends up terrorizing. Sherry and Mimi, longing for fun, end up at the same club, Drew follows her and sees Marty leave with the girl. When Marty takes her back to the school it's up to Drew to face down Marty before he kills the girl.

In Your Dreams


Director: Carl Goldstein

Saturday 29 September 2001


Writers: Laura Kosterski

When Drew uses his vampire powers to travel into his Sherry's dreams to make his love known but it backfires. Sherry mistakenly believes that her old boyfriend is her secret admirer and Drew must return to her dreams to set things right.

A Grave Matter


Director: Adam Weissman

Saturday 06 Oct 2001


Writers: Alex Epstein

Karl becomes depressed and agitated, and begins what's known as the Chill. Before the group can track him down, Karl is spotted by an old schoolmate who realizes that Karl should be dead. Meanwhile, Murdoch fends off a special investigator tipped off by Malcolm, Karl's former classmate.

Things That Go Vamp in the Night


Director: Carl Goldstein

Saturday 13 Oct 2001


Writers: Mark Shekter

Drew attempts to communicate with Sherry through her Oujia board, until Marty gets up to his old tricks again. Meanwhile, diva Essie finds herself falling for normal-looking, genuine Neil, who's a human night janitor. Also, Marty experiences The Stirring, a sudden uncontrollable bloodlust that drives him to choose a day student as his next victim.

That's Why The Lady Is A Vamp


Director: Daniel Grou

Saturday 20 October 2001


Writers: Ann MacNaughton

After Merrill realizes that her feelings toward Drew are unrequited, she sends a mental SOS message to her "maker" that she wants to leave. Enter Mae West look-alike still on the prowl. Her maker is a trashy flirt who intends to leave with Merrill.

The Bleeding Frenzy


Director: Carl Goldstein

Saturday 27 October 2001


Writers: Matthew Hasting

Murdoch tries to wean the students off real-blood. Essie and Marty win a lottery to go to town to test the experiment. Drew also sneaks in. Everything seems okay until all three turn into their bloodthirsty vampire states and terrorize the town.

What's Up Doc?


Director: Jimmy Kaufman

Saturday 03 November 2001


Writers: Craig Volk & Laura Kosterski

Both day and night students become curious of Dr. Murdoch - when he sleeps, what he eats. Night students wonder if he's a vampire, while the night students think he's an alien. Both mindsets are put to rest when they see Murdoch charming the special investigator, only to keep her from questioning the recent vampire attack in town.

The Withering


Director: Giles Walker

Saturday 10 November 2001


Writers: Laura Kosterski

Essie develops a serious health problem, while experiencing the withering, a time of vampire-celuar regenerationm causing her to start aging at an increasingly alarming rate. Meanwhile, Carl and Merrill desperatly try to find a cure for her illness and discover that the only way for Essie to live is for someone else to die.

Dads and Monsters


Director: Daniel Grou

Saturday 17 November 2001


Writers: Mark Shekter

The Fury sends a monster to destroy the Experiment and it takes over Nick's body and captures the professor. Meanwhile, Sherry's dad visits the Mansbridge Academy.



Director: Adam Weissman

Saturday 24 November 2001


Writers: Laura Kosterski

When a new day-school student arrives at Mansbridge, Sherry quickly falls for him, causing a jealous Drew to investigate the newcomer. Drew finds that the new guy is not who he seems to be. Meanwhile, Merrill searches for her lost pet rat.

The Quivering


Director: Adam Weissman

Saturday 01 December 2001


Writers: Mark Shekter

Merrill has a psychic premonition known as a quivering, of her own death and Drew helps her see that it will be by the hands of an agent from the Biomorphic Predetory Desease Agency.

The Summoning


Director: Jimmy Kaufman

Saturday 08 December 2001



Dr. Murdock leads the night students in an ancient memory exercise that allows each one of the vampires to revisit the kill that they most regret and to let the others see it too.

Odd Man Out


Director: Jimmy Kaufman

Saturday 09 February 2002


Writers: Anne-Marie Perotta & Tean Schultz

Jealous over Essie & Karl's attraction to one another, Marty puts a love spell on Essie, but it may endanger his life. Meanwhile, after Merrill gives Drew a book about vampires finding love, all a hopeful Drew sees is historical proof that humans and vampires can find love together.

The Test


Director: Jimmy Kaufman

Saturday 16 February 2002


Writers: Mark Shekter

When Drew flunks Murdoch's latest blood-lust test, he's more determined than ever to prove his teacher wrong, and decides to use Sherry as his own personal testing subject. Meanwhile, Sherry helps Mimi struggle with being accused of cheating on a test.

Little Sister


Director: Daniel Grou

Saturday 23 February 2002


Writers: Laura Kosterski & Jennifer Furlong

When Karl's little sister Amy visits Mansbridge on rumours that her brother's ghost has been sighted, Karl believes the best way to ease her grieving, is to reveal himself to her as a ghost, but he must decide if that is the best thing for her.

Love's Labours Not Lost


Director: Daniel Grou

Saturday 02 March 2002


Writers: Gerald Wexler

When Dr. Murdoch experiences a haunting by a ghost, Merrill and Marty discover the only way to rid him of this being is by Merrill allowing the ghost to possess her and speak to Murdoch. Meanwhile, Karl helps Drew come to terms with his relationship with Sherry.

The Huntress


Director: Jimmy Kaufman

Saturday 09 March 2002


Writers: Sherman Shukal & Laura Kosterski

An evil spirit, who is set on destroying any vampire to dare love a mortal, for she was killed by one, targets his wrath on Drew and his love for Sherry. Meanwhile, Merrill and Essie investigate the new Day School girl, Dillan, and try to determine what her story is.

The Portrait


Director: Erik Canuel

Saturday 16 March 2002


Writers: Nancy Trites Boskin & Laura Kosterski

While pursuing their romance, Sherry convinces Drew to paint her portrait which leads to an unexpected side effect as well as the revelation of Drew's past - and true name.

The Awakening


Director: Erik Canuel

Saturday 23 March 2002


Writers: Mark Shekter

After being expelled from Mansbridge Academy, Drew reveals his true identity but before he can leave, mortal Sherry falls mysteriously ill and he considers turning her and taking her with him. Meanwhile, Merrill is distraught over Drew's expulsion and takes to drastic measures, and Karl finds vampire laws that could save Drew.

Both Sides Now


Director: Daniel Grou

Saturday 30 March 2002


Writers: Ann MacNaughton

After Merrill is accused of a vampire attack on a day student that she swears she didn't commit, her fellow vampires stand by her but when Merrill realizes her doppelganger is the real culprit she must destroy her or be destroyed.



Director: Daniel Grou

Saturday 06 April 2002


Writers: Mark Shekter

A grief-stricken, embittered Drew embraces the dark side of his predatory nature and conjures up an ancient force to become all powerful, after the death of his beloved. Meanwhile, Dillan and Mimi meet and bond over Sherri's death.

Lost Weekend


Director: Jimmy Kaufman

Saturday 13 April 2002


Writers: Mark Shekter

During spring break, Merrill has the school to herself, until Marty stays behind and together, they discover their blood supply is locked up. The unlikely duo go through withdrawal while resisting the urge to feed off each other but temptation arises when a day student returns early - and alone.

Breaking Up



Saturday 20 April 2002



When Karl asks Essie to acknowledge their love in a formal Declaration ceremony, that's like a human wedding, Essie falls sick with a mysterious illness that proves dangerous to her and most importantly to Karl.

Blood Trip (1)


Director: Erik Canuel

Saturday 27 April 2002


Writers: Mark Shekter

Evading government agents, a rogue vampire stumbles upon Mansbridge Academy and not only threatens the Experiment but selects Karl as the one she wants to turn to the dark side. Meanwhile, Dillan finds a speech written by Drew and becomes attracted to him.

Vampire's Patient (2)


Director: Erik Canuel

Saturday 04 May 2002


Writers: Mark Shekter

After day student Dillan is attacked by a suddenly crazed Karl, Drew must choose between saving her life or helping her face the prospect of becoming a vampire. Meanwhile, the search is on for Bridget, the rogue vampire, and if she is not found or Dillan is "turned", the experiment is terminated.

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